Project Description

7twenty’s E-Face Recognition at First Glance

Why Choose 7twenty’s E-Face

1. Highly accurate facial recognition for mobile devices.
2. Seamless access to your digital services anywhere, anytime.
3. Two-factor authentication of financial transactions.
4. Univalent // singular value recognition provides maximum customer privacy.
5. Automatic integration to all other 7-Twenty solutions.

7twenty’s E-Face Delivering a seamless and secure mobile customer experience

With the majority of digital traffic taking place on the go, enterprises are increasingly turning to biometric technology solutions to enhance security and customer experience. EFace is a smart facial recognition application that changes the way customers access apps and Web accounts, address call service centers and make online payments.

EFace’s real-time facial recognition algorithm provides customers with high speed login, while empowering enterprises with maximum security via extremely accurate customer authentication and uninterrupted identity verification as they use the app or website.