Take on your Social Media Care

Why choosing 7twenty's Social Media is right?

Manage and control your social customer experience.

Address customer issues quickly, in real time.

Avoid PR crises and negative perceptions.

Increase engagement across all social accounts.

Analyze customer behavior and acquire actionable business insights.

7twenty's Social promotes social media customer satisfaction.

Easily monitor your social accounts and blogs, and deliver an advanced customer experience. 7-Twenty's Social enables you to track and analyze new customer questions and queries, in real time, and provide quick responses.Utilizing 7-Twenty's Social also provides you with accurate and relevant insights about your customers, while performing ongoing reputation management.

SMS & WhatsApp Management

Conduct Conversations over Text

Why choosing 7twenty's SMS & WhatsApp Management is right?

Increase customer contact

Quickly address service issues

Maximize your service team's efficiency

Position your organization as innovative

Attract new audiences

SMS Management turns texting into a service and sales platform

Current surveys reveal that almost 80% of people wish they could have a text conversation with a business. 7twenty's SMS & WhatsApp Management enables customers to communicate with your business just as they would by using chat or email. Utilizing SMS & WhatsApp Management you can offer a wide variety of services via texting: schedule appointments, send reminders, provide general information such as working hours or arrival instructions, deliver private information, and much more.

Email Management

Turn your Mailbox into a Treasure Box

Why choosing 7twenty's Email Management is right?

Easily manage large volumes of customer email

Effectively monitor and control the service and sales processes

Solve problems quickly, in real time

Improve customer satisfaction utilizing existing infrastructure

Optimize the efficiency of your service personnel

Effortlessly manage your mailbox, and keep customers happy with Email Management

7twenty's Email Management tool enables you to handle large volumes of email from customers, provide quick answers to queries and resolve issues in no time. By organizing and prioritizing inbound email and providing predefined responses, the smart system keeps you in control of service quality, facilitating a constant improvement of customer experience.

Video Chat

Make Communication Personal Again

Why choosing 7twenty's Video Chat is right?

Communicate with customers face to face

Provide consultation and demonstrations in real time

Position your organization as innovative and customer oriented

Easily configurable to meet your changing needs

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

Video Chat makes communicating with customers simpler and more effective than ever

Easily turn live chats into face-to-face video conversations, and provide customers with a highly personal consultation. 7twenty's Video Chat is fully customizable, enabling you to easily configure it according to your needs and apply changes as you go along. It is also highly intuitive, requiring no preliminary technical knowledge or software download and installation.

Mobile & Web Chat

Keep a Close Watch on your Customers

Why choosing 7twenty's Mobile & Web Chat is right?

Communicate with customers via a channel of their choice

Provide real time responses and immediately handle queries

Manage multiple chats simultaneously

Pro-actively approach customers regarding service and sales matters

Reduce service personnel and call length

Mobile & Web Chat delivers real time response and guidance across all web and mobile channels

The highly scalable multi-chat system real timeenables you to exchange text messages, files and web pages with customers, immediately respond to queries, and proactively approach customers.Designed to handle multiple chats simultaneously, 7twenty's Mobile & Web Chat performs analysis of support, routing calls based on profiles, topics and various other characteristics. Utilizing advanced tools such as structured answers, pre-defined links, and shortcuts, Mobile & Web Chat substantially shortens call length, and reduces the requirement fir service personnel.


Give your Customers a Hand - Literally

Why choosing 7twenty's Co-Browsing is right?

Provide highly personal and effective customer support

Easily resolve queries and problems

Save time and resources spent on service issues

Increase conversion and sales

Boost customer satisfaction

7twenty's Co-Browsing is the closest thing to physical customer care

Personally observe your customers through form filling, resolve queries, or guide them through information and product search oin your website.7-Twenty's Co-Browsing enables your team to easily deliver focused and effective customer support in real time. By sharing the same screen, agents can physically guide the customer, ensuring quick problem resolution and an effortless service experience.

Proactive Chat

Make the Right Move, at the Right Time

Why choosing 7twenty's Proactive Chat is right?

Increase engagement and brand loyalty

Gather quality leads

Boost conversions and sales

Actively promote business goals

Instantly solve sales and marketing issues

Proactive Chat is a crowd pleaser and a deal maker

Turn website visitors into customers by addressing them at just the right moment. Providing them with the exact information they need when they need it enables you to increase engagement, gather leads, and close deals.7twenty's Proactive Chat offers invitations based on both manual chat and business rules, enabling you to control their design and behavior based on your goals and visitor choices and actions.