Clal Insurance is part of the Clal Group, employs more than 4,000 people and markets its products through some 2,000 insurance agents.

Clal Insurance offers a range of services and products to both private and business customers. All this puts her at the top of the insurance groups in Israel

Harel Insurance Investments & Financial Services Ltd. is engaged in the fields of insurance and financial services – health insurance, general insurance, motor insurance, home insurance, liability insurance, Life insurance, pension funds, provident funds, study funds, mutual funds, investment portfolio management, and other financial services.

Menora Mivtachim was incorporated in Israel (during the British Mandate) and began its operations in 1935, as an authorized representative of Lloyd’s in Israel, and since 1939, as an insurance company. In 1963, Menora Mivtachim Group was acquired by the Fishel Frish family, and has been owned by members of the family ever since. In 1982, a public offering was held on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange and the company went public (currently, it is included in the Tel-Aviv 90 and 125 index).

IDI Insurance Company Ltd., known as “Direct Insurance“, is an Israeli insurance company engaged in direct insurance.

The Company is the owner and operator of the brands “Direct Insurance” and “9,000,000” insurance. Of the “Direct Financing” brand in the field of financing, and “Direct Investment House” in the area of investments.

The Company’s activity is carried out without the mediation of insurance agents, thereby reducing the expenses on agent commissions. The company claims that this method allows it to calculate the premiums on a differential basis, and the cross subsidization that existed in the traditional companies is allegedly reduced.

The Altshuler Shaham Group is a leading Israeli asset management firm and insurance. Since 1990, it has specializes
in the management of portfolios, and mutual, provident, and pension funds. The Group currently manages approximately 84.5 billion NIS, and provides a wide range of services to its institutional and private investors.

Altshuler Shaham`s creative, professional, and cautious approach, coupled with an innovative investment strategy, has established Altshuler Shaham as a leading asset management brand in the Israeli market.