Bezeq is the largest and leading communications group in Israel. The companies that make up the Bezeq Group are engaged in all the telecom services: local and international telephony, wired and wireless, high-speed Internet, transmission and more.

The Bezeq Group has a stable balance sheet and cash flow from current activities of over NIS 3 billion, which serves to create a sophisticated telecom network, provide advanced services to customers and create value for shareholders.

Parner was established in 1997 and is a leading Israeli communications operator providing communications services (cellular telephony, landline telephony, international telephony, internet services, transmission, data communications, PRI and television). Partner provides cellular communications services to three million subscribers in Israel, with a market share of 29%.

With the acquisition of Smile 012, Partner realized its strategy and became a leading communications group in Israel, offering a range of advanced and diverse communications and media services.