April 14, 2020

The Israel Tax Authority consolidates the various tax divisions: income tax, real estate taxation, VAT, purchase tax, customs and stamp duty. The Authority provides services on reforms, non-profit institutions and information to employers, representatives and the public.

The Challenge

Ability to support at the same time to a very large amount of businesses that have been hurt by the coronavirus.

The Solution

The tax authority has quickly embedded the 7twnety bot system, which allows the organization to simultaneously answer thousands of businesses on business-related questions of the Coronavirus. Divert much of the questions to the call center for self-service information and reduces the load on its call centers.

The Results

The 7twenty’s BOT system has been successfully implemented and answers thousands of search queries about dealing with the Coronavirus crisis.



“In order to serve our customers better and provide them with value that is relevant to their needs, we must continue to be up-to-date and at the forefront of technology. Our cooperation with 7twenty enables us to improve our customers service and making the most of it.”

Refael Mor, Senior Manager in Customer Service at The Israel Tax Authority
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