Project Description

7twenty’s Analyzer Hands Free Data Processing

Why To Choose 7twenty’s  Analyzer

  1. Leverage new data as soon as it enters your organization.
  2. Reduce human resources currently dedicated to manually entering data.
  3. Improve data accuracy by automatically capturing and classifying it.
  4. Boost customer retention via quicker replies and fewer data processing errors.
  5. Gain total control over the organizational data processing.

7twenty’s Analyzer Turns Form Automation to Business Advantage

Manual data processing, poses various challenges to enterprises – from wasted time and resources to delayed response to urgent matters – that eventually constrains your operations. 7twenty’s Analyzer enables the seamlessly processing of data.

Whether handwritten or printed, 7twenty’s Analyzer automatically captures and classifies data into the relevant business system. This enables you to put all data to immediate use, and generate business insights, providing the flexibility to respond to changes in real time and provide customers with quick replies. The reduction in human resource, costs and improved organizational efficiency mean that the average payback time for Analyzer is 12 months.