Project Description

7twenty Telephony – The New Service Revolution

Why Choose 7twenty Telephony?


  1. Provide customers with unparalleled service experience and maximum availability.
  2. Easily monitor, analyze and improve service levels across the organization.
  3. Increase organizational efficiency and optimize existing resources.
  4. Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  5. Quickly achieve outstanding results.

7-Twenty Telephony creates an organizational customer oriented culture.

Designed for organizations that handle service and sales calls without a formal call center, 7-Twenty telephony boosts the level of customer service and satisfaction utilizing minimal managerial resources.

Monitoring all customer-facing personnel according to updated KPIs and providing real time insights, 7-Twenty telephony enables managerial staff to constantly improve customer service and internal communications. As result, the number of recurring conversations dramatically decreases, while organizational and financial efficiency increases.