Project Description

7twenty’s BOT
Meet the Super Customer Service Agent

Why To Choose 7twenty Bot?

  1. Reach new audiences by adapting new communication channels.
  2. Increase sales by initializing highly personalized and accurate follow up chats.
  3. Predict customer behavior by analyzing VOC and performing statistical analysis.
  4. Deliver an advanced customer experience while cutting down on human resources.
  5. Provide maximum availability across all channels 24/7.

Bot is a customer service agent for the new era.

Chat apps are the world’s leading communication channel, with over 4 billion users. Bot enables you to meet your customers in their natural habitat, while delivering maximum cross-platform availability at any given moment.

An AI based digital system, Bot possesses advanced self-learning abilities. It offers a wide range of service, sales and support abilities; including up sales and cross-selling, in a highly personal manner. Bot also provides you with advanced real time reporting and analysis abilities that support service and marketing decision making.