August 18, 2018

7twenty will leverage its Cross-Channel platform with Watson’s AI and NLU capabilities to enhance customer experience and to reimagine enterprises processes getting smarter analytical decisions.

PAMAYA LTD, the provider of End-to-End Cross channel solutions (As known as 7twenty), announced today that it has signed a strategic partnership with IBM globally.

The partnership provides big Enterprises a comprehensive all in one tool to expand their ChatBOT platform.
Pamaya worked closely with IBM in order to demonstrate how 7twenty’s Platform would achieve the company’s objective of optimizing customer experience.

About 7twenty’s Chat BOT platform:

Intelligent Customer Assistant – a virtual Web-based customer assistant, seamlessly integrated with backend systems. The assistant fulfils customer transactional needs by engaging with them to deliver self-service options and encourage a positive and autonomous experience.

ChatBOT – a free text, based on NLU (Natural Language Understanding) for mobile and web customer interactions. The technology instinctively understands customer needs via free language, connects them to the insurance company for self – service options and sells insurance policies to customers traveling abroad without the need for human involvement.

“Our great technology, combined with IBM’s Watson, continues to support 7twenty’s growth” says Yaniv Cohen, CEO of the company. “Our offering perfectly addresses the customer’s need to drive higher customer satisfaction and lower costs through customer self-service.”


About 7twenty

7twenty’s Cross channel platform combines smart Digital and Telephony solutions, data analysis tools and real-time decision support tools to provide enterprises with cross channel integration and continuity – beyond the Contact Center to retail, and high value channels.

By offering a modular suite of engagement solutions and enabling seamless integration of endless new apps and channels, the platform allows users to provide customers a personalized experience wherever they are.

With 11 years of experience in customer service processes for global enterprises, clients are assured worry-free deployments with lower Total Cost of Ownership.

Founded in 2007, 7twenty operates globally with offices in Israel and Russia and partners in Israel, Russia, Turkey, Greece, France, Poland, Portugal and Romania.

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