360 Telephony + 360 Digital = 720 Customer Experience

Consumers today have high expectations and low brand loyalty. To maintain competitiveness, enterprises must increase responsiveness and provide a higher level of digital support in web customer service and sales engagement.

7-Twenty’s innovative Cross Channel Engagement is a robust, proven and holistic texting platform, combined with all telephony information. Providing enterprises with integration and continuity through all channels, Cross Channel Engagement creates a unified customer experience and optimized business experience, as all existing customer information can now be easily collected and analyzed.

By combining contextual and behavioral customer information with a clear real-time view of the resources available in your contact center,
7-Twenty’s Cross Channel Engagement ensures cross channel proactive assistance in the contact center or at the branch.

Our Value Proposition

Increase Sales Conversions

Proactively offer customers assistance precisely when required, ensuring a seamless, positive experience and optimized conversion.

Reduce Customer Effort

Improve first contact resolution (FCR) and reduce average handling time by providing assistance only when contact center resources are available, and allowing customers to select their preferred communication channels.

Personalize Customer Experience

Social media and mobile, live\robot or hybrid engagement, on-line or off-line, text, and voice or video functionality result in a superior and personalized customer experience.

Boost Operational Efficiency

Optimize efficiency and resource utilization by enabling your service representatives to engage in multiple interactions simultaneously, send and receive signed documents, and provide personal automatic replies through the use of a smart BOT.

About 7-Twenty

7-Twenty has been providing Enterprises with innovative Customer Engagement solutions since 2007.

Our holistic Cross Channel Engagement platform encompasses all Texting and Telephony services, smart BOT solutions, and together with a wide range of real-time sales and support applications, enables our clients to deliver a proactive customer experience that improves customer service, operational efficiency, and sales conversion.

Our Products


7-Twenty’s open API seamlessly interacts with other platforms to extract and deliver relevant information for customer service or engagement.

Our Customers

We empower over 400 leading corporations in delivering an innovative customer experience.


More than 70% of consumers have spent more due to good customer service

86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience

85% of customers will manage their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human by 2020

70% of today’s customers expect a website include self-serve options

Our Partners

Meet the partners who work with us to introduce new products and ideas to the international enterprise market.

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