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The Prime Minister’s Office assists the Prime Minister in his work and coordinates inter-ministerial activities in various fields, in accordance with Government resolutions and the priorities
determined by the Prime Minister.

A large number of organizations operate within the framework of the Prime Minister’s Office – some are integrated in its day-to-day work and others constitute separate, independent units supervised by the Office.


The Israel Tax Authority consolidates the various tax divisions: income tax, real estate taxation, VAT, purchase tax, customs and stamp duty. The Authority provides services on reforms, non-profit institutions and information to employers, representatives and the public.

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The National Insurance Institute of Israel (NII), one of the pillars on which social policy in Israel rests, operates under the National Insurance Law, passed by the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) in November 1953. The NII aims to provide weak population groups and families in temporary or long-term difficulties with a financial basis for subsistence. Today the NI Law includes a wide variety of programs, such as old-age and survivors, maternity, children, work injury, general disability, long-term care, unemployment, bankruptcy and liquidation of corporations.

In addition to the National Insurance Law, the National Insurance Institute is in charge of enforcing other laws and agreements in the field of social insurance, such as the Income Support Law, designed to protect every family from loss of income and to assist needy populations.