March 10, 2017

Speaking Fluent Millennial


Bank Hapoalim is Israel’s largest bank, operating hundreds of branches that serve customers in households, private banking and business banking. All banking services are provided via direct channels – both telephony and digital. The bank approached 7-Twenty to provide a solution that would attract their target market of millennials in an attempt to recruit them as new customers.

Solution and Work Process

Millennials prefer communicating with banks via chat and written communication channels, without physically visiting them. They expect access to fast and accurate digital and cellular transactions, enabling them to perform actions anywhere, anytime. In order to speak to them in their own language, 7-Twenty’s BOT solution was selected.

The BOT was implemented for the revolutionary Poalim Young program – Israel’s first account management app, offering text based banking services such as cardless cash withdrawal, wire transfer and depositing.


Improving the level of service by tens of percent, and as a result there was an improvement in the satisfaction in insurance agents, that put the organization in first place (between 5 of the biggest companies in Israel) according to the latest survey of the Association of Insurance Agents response center.