March 10, 2017

For Customer Satisfaction, Dial 1


Clal Insurance is one of Israel’s leading insurance and pension companies, with an 18% share of the insurance market and NIS168 billion in assets managed as at Q4 2015. In annual surveys recently conducted by the Association of Insurance Agents, Clal Insurance ranked poorly in customer satisfaction levels in the insurance agent response center. The company approached 7-Twenty for a solution that would support its quest for improved service metrics and customer experience.

Solution and Work Process

7-Twenty’s Telephony solution was chosen for the mission. The smart system provided the company with total control of telephone services across the organization. Installed in 2000 branches outside the service center, 7-Twenty’s Telephony allowed Clal’s team to measure the level of service in real time, perform detailed analysis of data, and formulate educated decisions about customer service.


Following the implementation of 7-Twenty Telephony, Clal Insurance achieved the number one ranking in response center customer satisfaction according to the latest survey of the Association of Insurance Agents.