Our Vision

To empower enterprises in providing a true customer experience, in any communication channel, through the implementation of an innovative technology that harnesses and binds telephony and digital abilities in real time.

7-Twenty has been providing Enterprises with innovative Customer Engagement solutions since 2007.

Founded by entrepreneurs, with vast experience in telephony, digital and physical customer service.

7-Twenty’s team of experts has led the development processes of some of the world’s most advanced contact center and IVR systems.

The company’s Cross Channel Engagement is the world’s leading and most comprehensive proactive customer experience platform.

Company Management

Yaniv Cohen

Yaniv has over 20 years’ experience in executive sales and management positions at Hi-Tech companies; building and supplying IT mission critical solutions, SW, and customer experience apps.

Amit Kamisa

Amit has over 20 years’ experience in software development and technology consultancy for startups and world leading technology companies. He specializes in AI and texting technologies.